Apollo Hospital — Greek deity hospital dr. move and untrustworthiness.


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My self vivek kumar, My son (IP range : DELIP247851, UHID: APD1.[protected] ) was admitted from eight march to sixteen march 2019. My son wasn’t passing stool since last 2 day. Doctor shree Vineet Bhushan suggested to nurse Reena to use supp. Glycerine. She didn’t apply properly, I saw once five minuts that glycerin came out. I once more told the nurse to use once more. She denied and told to use yourself. i attempted to use however the glycirine came out thrice. I told once more to nurse to decision the doctor. at the moment Dr. Astha (PAEDIATRIC ) came at around 7:30 PM and stay stand outside the ward. I met her and told concerning the patient drawback and requested to examine the patient. She (Dr. astha) denied to examine the patient and told that your patient discharge procedure is below method, thus we will not do something. I requested once more to examine the patient, she told Maine that the patient got to either readmitted or adviseed to get rid of stool yourself. I told him that patient not discharge until that point, thus your duty to require care of patient. She(Dr. Astha) move with Maine and told if you’re powerless to afford the Appolo hospital then why you admitted patient here, and recommend to travel different hospital.


I am taking service of appolo hospital to my son treatment since seven years below Dr. Vineet bhushan. My son admitted fifth time in your hospital however now i’m not feeling smart with the behavior of your workers.

I request to require disciplinary action against such ridiculus Dr. and nurse, as a result of this sort of staffs area unit decreasing your rating and additionally your image as each one is aware of concerning smart can of Appolo hospital.

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