Digital Vidya — false committed for 40k fee for two student at patna centre


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Digital vidya at patna centre is spoiling the brand of this reputed institute i sent my ward for admission they were so nice at the time of admission but nightmare started after 3 days of class

Incident took as i spoke over phone to one lady regard discount in fee for cdmm course she agreed for 45k including gst and later when i said that i have some reference then she said centre head will call me back,

Later centre head call me back and agreed at condition if we give reference the fee will be 40k each for both candidate

Once my reference came for admission they black and white denied their promise


I don’t understand how to judge an institute, if at beginning of the course their behavior is so much changing what will happen at the time of placement?

I dont know is this the only situation of patna digital vidya or all pan india digital vidya centre do like this?


Even i am confuse that whether to proceed with the course of my ward or not


Kindly some body intervene

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