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my father are road accidents in 2003, my father have wholly bed rest in hospital that my father done third surgery in mentioned hospital for septic in same injured  leg however surgery bill price not obtaining as a result of we’ve been incomprehensible original documents bills and different. thanks to traumatology from medi-surge in 2004-05 (Now medi surge is name as HCG medisurge hospital) mithakhali six road, ellisbridge ahmedabad. Our mact case currently in board and tell for giving bill thus however will we have a tendency to obtaining this? My father was gave up the ghost in 2005, original bill incomprehensible. we have a tendency to area unit in money issues thus please be necessary for North American country and obtaining this bill and that we provide to court and write to pay me asking amount. I additionally contact hospital in 2009 and 2012 and 2019, however they tell we’ve not any record. they’re not correct investigation or interested to relinquish records. we have a tendency to pray to relinquish correct recommendation however and what we will do for obtaining duplicate bills or however we have a tendency to proof court that we’ve been charged for this surgery? In Asian country indian medical association have rule for keeping records in hospitals.

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