Hinduja Hospital Mahim — doctors misbehave with a lady relative in the icu


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Dr hegde’s team in the icu has two doctors named dr spandan and dr amit who have misbehaved with ladies and spoken in an ill mannered way

My mother is brain dead but that does not give anyone a reason to misbehave with the relatives and provide unethical behaviour in a private hospital and specially in the icu

We understand the frustration of the icu doctors cos of long working hours but it does reflect on dr hegde because he has taught his team to talk to relatives in that manner

It was a very unpleasant way of behaviour and foul language

I thought doctors are supposed to be calm and humble but they have turned out to b very rude unethical and there is no point of having such doctors in your hospital if they cannot calm the relatives

I wish the future patients and relatives don’t suffer because of this

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