Hotelpushpak. Com — Last moment cancellation of Confirmed Hotel booking booked before 35 days


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have booked online 2BHK apartment for 6 adults at Silver Oak Holiday Home, Shirdi for dt 26.01.2012 before 35 days on 22.12.2011 through Travel Agent through internet and received CONFIRMED booking and was allotted booking ID HPR[protected].


On 25.01.2012 the Executive of HotelPushpak.Com Mr.Chander called me at 22.30 PM and informed me that my booking with SilverOak Holiday Homes at Shirdi is cancelled due to heavy rush of Republic Day and also informed me that Silver Oak management has allotted the booking to someone else. So HotelPushpak.Com has cancelled my booking!!


The said confirmed booking was cancelled without my permission & consent and without my fault. They have cancelled my booking before 12 hours and I was not in position to re-plan my schedule as car rental and all leaves arrangement for 6 adults was done. Due to heavy rush of Republic day I was not able to reserve any good Hotel for my staying.


I wrote them on 31.01.2012 to pay me compensation for my mental harassment but neither them replied or apologized.


So please registered my complain and punished them for the mental harassment of 6 highly educated persons group of Doctor, Engineer and CA.


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