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Please do not make a costly mistake and use Hotel We booked a hotel with them in February 2011 for December 2011 and paid a deposit equivalent to £143. Our booking was confirmed by them on 1 March. In mid September 2011 we were informed that they could not provide the hotel we had booked. We requested a refund of our deposit on 28 September and have since sent many emails to chase them up. Despite 3 separate promises that the payment is being processed we are still waiting and fear we will not see our money again. I’ve copied the customer service and refund guarantees from this Hotel website below. Don’t believe them, they are completely worthless, in our experience every statement is false. Please save yourself grief and money and just avoid them.

“We continually strive to attain the highest level of guest satisfaction. Our guest service people are prompt in answering your questions and taking care of all your needs and ensuring that you are pleased with your decision to stay with us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction”

“Q| What is the Refund Policy?

Once booking is cancelled and refund requested, we will process the refund within 14 business days. Most of the time it is less than that.

Q| Is my booking confirmed if I have made the payment?

No. After recieving the payment, we will find room availability. If the room is available for the requested hotel and dates, you will recieve an email from us confirming the booking and confirming the reciept of the advance payment. Otherwise, your advance payment will be immediately refunded.”

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