Ibis fabulous low cost quality sarees oversubscribed by wader fabulous


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I had purchase three sarees on-line, staring at the photos announce on Facebook, after I opened the packed i used to be appalled to examine the standard of these sarees. The sarees area unit fully on what it’s shown on the Facebook. I emailed them on facilitate. fourfold and no reply. I known as 91- many times however do not|they do not} answer and on identical range after I whataspp they scan the message (blue ticks) however don’t reply.


The is fraud company, once you place AN order they instantly decision you and ensure however once you what to boost issue on their quality of product and come & refund there’s nobody to listen to.


This company ought to be closed, its cheating individuals and on their web site they need mentioned such a lot concerning come policies…


How will this be sorted…please facilitate

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