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I have many complaints about Raj travels. I will mention only two here.


I had booked a ticket from Pune to Indore[Online booking]. The ticket was for the main journey and return journey. Then somehow my plans were canceled so had to cancel my tickets. But to my surprise the amount is not yet refunded in my account. THis incident was almost 2 months back.


I tried to contat Raj travels office and even told them about my problem and they said they will look into it but still I didn;t get my mony.


The bus schedules on 1/02/09 from Indore to Pune was cancelled by raj travels. now firstly they gave me this information on the same day the bus was cancelled which was quite useless information for me since I already reached indore to catch the bus. Secondly they said that the amount cant be refunded for next 3 weeks and after 3 weeks it can only be refunded from the office I’ve booked the tickets(Bhopal in my acse). and finally the bummer is that I have beeen trying to collect that money from there office since that day but they are saying that “It can only be refunded from Indore office since the bus is cancelled from Indore.


I used to be a very frequent traveler in Raj travels. I used to travel every weekend between Indore and pune but these expreinces made me loath Raj travels and now I am no longer using there buses. (I will never use there services again)

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