ISBM — Isbm certificate refused from UK NARIC


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Action taken from UK naric with isbm certificate, details are following


(Qualification     Status   Reason Action


Mba in Supply Chain Management and Material Management, Indian School of Business Management & Administration, India


Dear Sir / Madam,


Unfortunately we are not in a position to proceed with your application based on this qualification for the following reason:


We are only able to provide comparability information for qualifications that constitute a national standard in the education system of the country of origin. The qualification you have submitted does not belong to a national qualifications framework and we are unable to provide a comparability statement for it. It is recommended that you present details of your award(s) directly to potential employers/admitting institutions as confirmation of your professional competencies and skills for consideration on an individual basis in line with specific requirements.

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