Ixigo refund money is not transfer


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Sir I cancelled train ticket for mumbai dadar to Tirunelveli exp date 01 jan 2019

booking id: IXITR

PNR. :  .

That ticket was cancelled one week over that refund amount 1640 is not credit my bank account but your app say credit success. one week is over money is not refund. I am also ask the bank officer. Officer also told money is not refund your account.

So kindly refund my money in the bank account .

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    My name is chirag chavhan.
    I am connected with ixigo by chavhanchirag97@gmail.com.

    I booked a cab from university road to south bopal,
    stylon hair and beauty lounge.
    and the fare which was showed to me was 75-90.

    and when i started the ride,
    the driver asked me to change the location because in his phone drop location it was showing paldi in his phone and in my it was stylon hair and beauty lounge south bopal.
    and when i updated the location then fares were 350-400.

    so we requested driver to stop the ride and then also we were charged 81 rupees and we travelled nearly 1 km.
    It is really unfair.
    I want my money to be refunded.
    I am really disappointed.xigo. Com.. Customer Care Number ..06297lO764O.…


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