Jupiter Hospital Thane — huge bill amount for medical expenses without producing any proper medical receipts


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My mother is admitted in jupiter hospital for surgery from 27.08.2018 to till date for further recovery

In within 10 days medical expenses are shows 80000 which are more than expections


When we demanding following details to ur customer care personnel…

1) medical bill receipt with taxes etc

2) doctor prescription details for those medicines and consumables.


Customer care personal just refused to give details… And only demanding to pay outstanding daily.


Customercare person gives the provisional bill details without any medicines receipt and invoice.

Even there is no authorised signature on any paper by jupiter hospital staff..


But daily demanding for outstanding without proper authenticate bill.


Its very serious issue… Which i already forwarded to concent consumer court and our local political leaders


Kindly arrange to provide details of bills with its receipt for payment of outstanding bills


Do the needful.





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