Likizo Services Pvt Ltd likizo services pvt ltd i am complaining about the fraud done by likizo services. i have been duped by them of my 18000 rupees


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I had entered into agreement with likizo services on 17th june 2018 based on assurances and offers explained to me for the holiday membership by paying rs. 18000/-. I have paid rs 18000 using my credit card.

On-going through company website of likizo, i found there were no references even on their website for facilities which were offered to us before signing of agreement, most of the terms even are not mentioned in agreement and the welcome letter received next day from likizo services. I had immediately raised my issues and complaint with likizo for clarification, they replied but everything was answered diplomatically and terms changed. I am since then chasing them for cancelling of my membership and refunding back my rs. 18000/-, but they were not acting on same. They are just asking me to avail services or visit office for discussion, but were not refunding back my amount.

After long follow-up of 3 months, they have refund only rs 16000 only and waiting for remaining amount 2000 rs.


Request your help for registration of complaint against the company to get me back my rs. 2000/- which have been charged by mis-guiding for transaction being swiped through my card and further mis-leading information for terms of membership. Also others can be made aware about malafide intentions of the company and its senior management from being duped in future.

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  1. Sorry it a private answer.

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