Motherhood Hospital – Unauthorized charges/Overcharged with no bills


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have been working with knoah solutions , madhapur hitech city .

I was suffering with viral fever i was at home for 20 to 30 days i have attached all the documents n sent it to team leader my wife regularly informed team leader (nafeez) abt my condition n i have all informed to my process director pretesh stating i was not well he sent me a message stating come after you are well, n the day i went to office Hr said take the cheque n you r terminated sir i need justice now i am job less. this complaint against Motherhood Hospital on Mar 05, 2019


This is the case of unwanted pregnancy and i and my wife visited to hospital. here are the detail steps:- 1) We paid 750 rupees at payment counter towards 600(Consultation) + 150(Registration) seems to be high just for registration 2) met with the doctor and she suggested for Scan 3) we paid 1320 inr and scan done and report came as positive for 4 weeks of baby, which we were knowing 4) again met with the doctor with the reports then she said Now pay for mtp package(medicated termination of pregnancy ) and then will write the medicine 5) we went to payment counter and she asked us to pay 6000 inr for mtp package then i asked why 6000 inr then she said this include your medication, doctor next consultation,scan and blood test and if i add separately all these 600 (Doctor consultation)+450 (Blood test)+ 1320(Scan)+ 200 (Medicine Approx) = 2570 inr Total but they charge us 6000 inr 6) After paying this again met with the doctor and she gave 4 open tablet without even wrapper, i was surprised she has not even written the prescription however she asked their staff to get the medicine and given to us then ask us to come back after 15 days 7) We visited and done the scanning and report were negative this time and met with the doctor and said you are all fine Now my question is why they have charged 6000 inr though the actual cost of this was 2500 and when i asked this question then they said this is across the Bangalore and doctor charge this for mtp because she take this risk. I would like to request you to investigate this case and stop this scam happening in the hospital

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