PMEGP pmegp loan (still below process)


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I have applied loan PMEGH through Aliana nondepository financial institution, they’re from metropolis. they need collected documents and project report was done through CA.They submitted my application. Appointment was fastened over phone for verification that officer asked American state all {questions regarding|questions on|questions about} my business however about plans, however I create use of loan. once finishing the verification Loan quantity was 25lacs, he said 1.25Lac collateral security should be provided that refundable along side the loan quantity. i believed it’s refundable once I pay this quantity once 2 days bank individuals can decision they’re going to verify my account details and do RTGS once 5 hours get attributable to A/c. next day director had decision from Bank of Baroda, he verified my account details. once four hours he calls once more and tells Your RTGS is came 2 time, once place a similar for audit verification he told 3 months advance EMI’S should be paid. I requested him why do not you deduct and pay, he replied it’s is govt. loan we’ve to credit total quantity. as an alternative system won’t settle for, with nice problem I organized and paid a similar. He aforementioned OK i will be able to transfer the number it get attributable to the account. i’m waiting whole day nothing happened. Next day once more he comes there’s a GST issue you have got to pay half-dozen.25% of loan quantity wherever he provided American state the letter from department. I got angry this can be one thing cheating. I asked the bank and therefore the loan agency to cancel and refund the full quantity that I actually have paid. Then comes Alena finance owner mister. Vipin and explains American state we tend to don’t seem to be cheating it refunded with 72hours of loan quantity attributable. i will be able to offer you assurance your quantity (loan + collateral and GST quantity is attributable to your account in four hours. Some however I took jewels plegde to finance bank and paid {the quantity|the quantity|the number} on Sabbatum 19/05/2018 evening amount of 1 animal product and balance 54000/- on Mon morning. He assured American state your loan are going to be attributable by 4pm. you’ll be able to check the account and inform. i used to be waiting and waiting even @5:30 conjointly nothing happened he disappeared phone ringing he’s not selecting the decision. Next his workers mister Arun decisions up and says he met with accident thus he able to take call currently i’m handling it. i will be able to tell director mister. Om Prakash calls up checked met account details and tells i’m causation the RTGS in 2 hours it’ll be attributable. once more he calls up and tells your operative isn’t submitted while not this you may powerless to withdraw the fund from your account and your account are going to be blocked. I got much upset I requested him to cancel all please refund the money. They asked American state 65000/- for operative, once aforementioned to cancel they told refund can take thirty to thirty five operating days. on balance verification from department., suppose that I actually have look forward to numerous days, wherever I actually have barrowed cash from my friend /collegues / relatives keeping jewels I actually have committed 3 days i will be able to come. I deceided and confirmation of bank and mister. Arun I once more barrowed cash from outside (on interest), and paid they gave the confirmation weekday 23/05/2018. @5:30 at any price quantity are going to be attributable. Nothing happened on weekday. From morning Th until currently nobody is selecting calls no email replies nor SMS reply. currently i’m in unhealthy form. My relatives have given police criticism against American state that I actually have cheated them. I request you to assist American state instantly.

If you wish i will be able to send approval letter, collateral letter, GST letter quantity details challans 3 individuals mobile numbers

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