Prabha TVS Service Center, Ashok nagar — Poor service, treating customers with contempt


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The most pathetic service I’ve ever seen. They think customers are fools who know nothing about bikes and their innards, when the fact is that it’s the mechanics there who know zilch about motoring. Sometime last year I had to take my bike (Apache rtr 160) around 6 times to them to get a simple problem rectified (loosening up tightened rear wheel). A few weeks ago I faced the same problem. The person there (Saravanan) refused to take my bike in to check, even after me urging him to issue a job card and take as much time as required. Rather, he kept insisting, with much contempt, that nothing more can be done; I, as the owner, knew pretty surely that the wheel was not as loose as before. I had even witnessed a drop in mileage. But he wouldn’t listen.

Further, the people there treat your vehicle with utter disdain. They scratched my bike on the speedo, handlebar and seat during a scheduled service; it looked as if the mechanic had poked frantically using a sharp object.

I am never ever going back.

srinath.sethumadhavan 5 years 0 Answers 191 views 0

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