Revised Property Tax revised property tax notice issued by tirunelveli municipality


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am living in one bed room house in Tirunelveli Town. its a own self living house and the revised property tax by the commissioner charged for the amount of 34763 RS per year.

how can i appeal to correct the figures with correct assessment.

the municipal website not serving the purpose.


1 ) i can not see in Tirunelveli city, website for online property civc, tax service…etc

2) it would be great if i could get the website similar to Chennai website.


kindly direct me to the concerned authorities to address an issues related to high property revised taxes disputes to file appeals. (Tirunelveli Corporation)


infact the below website belongs to Tirunelveli city but no use at all for the public issues related to property tax, birth, marriage, death…etc related certificates nothing served online.

Welcome to Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation

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