Ruchi Rishi welcome personal restricted fraud transactions through bhim app


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Sub: fraud dealings through bhim app

We got a decision on at 12:30 pm through justdial user man. Rajesh sharma and he placed a order for food in our ruchi pure veg (Avkar family restaurant) poonam sagar advanced, mira road east for rs: 7466.00. He told he can do the payment on-line and collect the ordered food in person, thus we have a tendency to sent him on receiving our upi id he sent an invitation for payment and our payment of rs: 4999.00 got debited doubly rather than obtaining attributable. we have a tendency to told him that rather than paying cash he’s receiving cash. He took our payment of rs: 4999.00 + rs: 4999.00 = rs: 9998.00 (Rupees: 9 thousand 9 hundred cardinal only). Nor he came to gather food order. we have a tendency to told him we are going to collect cash from his home however address provided by him wasn’t correct (Anand bldg. A-wing space no 204, sector five shantinagar mira road east)We told him to refund our cash to our account, however he was causing identical request once more and once more and isn’t refunding our cash.


Our checking account details: ruchi rishi welcome personal restricted

State bank of Republic of India bank (Sbi)


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