Sunrise Hospital — CASHLESS FACILITY


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Its found that your team in the hospital is giving pathetic service by costing the patient at highest level .

Here is the case ,

My kid was admitted to thee hospital ( Isha Fathima ,Reg No 67136) on Thursday 19 the Jan 2012 under thee treatment of Dr Nitha Anil . Paid RS 3000 as advance even thought i had a cashless facility with thee hospital (FHPL) . But at thee time of discharge they are asking for full payment to get thee discharge summary , advance will be paid back only after 45 days.

The provider (FHPL) had approved to give the patient full cashless.

But i came to know that FHPL had paid thee claim amt in full on 08/02/2012 , But till date the hospital people not even called and paid back thee deposit i had give to the hospital.

I found thee miscalculation in the bill given by the hospital and FHPL settled amount.

Tell me what is the meaning of thee cash less facility if you take full amt from us and payback only after 45 days.

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