Sunrise Hospital Kakkanad — service charge extra paid for credit card usage (hospitalization)


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My wife’s hand had finger fracture so we went to sunrise hospital.We have heard much about Sunrise hospital(Kakkanad) so we decided to go there to get a change from our regular small hospital and doctor.


I had paid more than 13000 for the treatment. It’s credit card payment so I had to pay 182 Rupees extra for service charges(1.4%).


Service charge cutting is happeing for jewels purchasing etc. But this is a hospitalisation case. So it’s very cruical.


This is bank and hospital tieup. Why customer should pay that services charge amount?


And I requested to hospital for a duplicate bill. They told to pay 250 Rupees extra for a single duplicate bill.


Hospitals should be service centre.Not a service charge charging centre.


I kindly request to get return that amount. If it’s not possible atleast should replace 1.4% with a fixed service charge(which is already happening in ATM).

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