Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad — High fees and lack of proper infrastructure


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We have heard much about Sunrise hospital so we decided to go there to get a change from our regular small hospital and doctor. Also most doctors from this small hospital can now be found in Sunrise hospital.


Ok, on entry, the hospital looks impressive. Then starts the problems. In spite of being a multifloor hospital there is only ONE functional lift. Highly pathetic. Seemati has more lifts per floor even though it does not have as many floors.


To see a dentist, it costs Rs 125, and to see pediatrician, it costs Rs 100. So in one day visit, we were poorer by Rs 225.


At the reception, we dint get bill or new patient card, why coz both printers are not working!!


Today we are going again to see the developmental pediatrician there Dr. Nina who is a UK returned doctor. My son is high functioning autistic.


Due to lack of proper facilites and medical treatment is Kochi, n number of people are making money for this, but is my son benefitting?? NO!! O yeah our pockets are getting lighter. Lets see by how much we are going to get poorer today.

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