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My vehicle Scooty Zest TN22DC8524 is having starting trouble – neither able to start using self nor kick starters. Even if it starts after kicking 15-20 times, i can drive only for 1-2 kms and again the engine goes off.

Clearly explaining the problem, I have given my vehicle at Arasu TVS Service Center, Porur, Chennai yesterday 22nd Aug 2018 for repair.

I did explain to the staff who attended my vehicle that I already changed the fuse twice in last 2 days but it is of no use as the engine will go off in short distance.

I received around 12 noon today saying vehicle has been repaired and I have to pay Rs.6/- only towards changing Fuse. I again escalated to the adviser on duty insisting to recheck the vehicle properly. I also mentioned again that I tried changing the fuse twice already but problem still exists.

I received a call again within 30 minutes saying they rechecked the vehicle and it is absolutely fine.

By taking a taxi I reached the service center and took delivery of the vehicle. While returning, vehicle went off twice and again self starter is not working. I had to kick start to reach home.

Now I just made a call to complaint about the issue and I was told by the operator that Mr.Sathish – Service Center Manger is off today and was transferred the to Arun(acting incharge). I verbally explained the whole situation and waiting for some development. The worst part is the vehicle is covered under AMC with this company

It is absolute non-sense and unprofessional way of treating the customer. I just noticed there is one more customer had the same issue and I only hope they resolved it.

Job Card No. 11813
Invoice No. 5129 dt 23/08/18

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