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I am trying to write a letter to the Century TVS service care (Dapodi) where serviced my bike after my bike was starting in the middle of the road. The work done on the bike was half-assed and I am pissed.
1. A month back my Apache RTR 160 (MH12 NF9560) had a starting problem in the middle of the road when Dapodi service center guy toed my vehicle to the service center.
Then he did some repairing and the bike started.
2. On very next day again I had the same problem and I am again pissed in the middle of the road, again toed my vehicle by myself at night to service center Dapodi, this time I serviced my bike, changed the battery as suggested by service center guy.
3. On very next day, again the same problem and I am again middle of the road. Called Dapodi service center they toed my vehicle to Dapodi serivce center and this time they changed some starter COIL
4. Very next day again same routine. My bike was starting again I am in middle of the road, called service center Dapodi, they toed my bike and this time they changed entire wiring of the bike.
5. Now I was in the impression that this will not happen again but as again today (yesterday only I taken my bike from service center) I was going to office and engine switched off in the middle of the road.

Last 1 month I was struggling with my bike and service center guys don’t know whats going on with my bike they are just randomly changing the bike parts. I almost spent my 7000 rs till now and level of frustration is unbearable now.

In Entire one month its just my regular routine now to take my bike on Saturday and return to them on very next Sunday or Monday.

The garage is supposed to be one of the best in Pune but my experience has been nothing but hassle. Also, I want to convey disappointment, dissatisfaction, and a resolve to have my bike issue worked out. How can I get this across in a letter? Can someone help me out with this please?

In addition to this, I brought my bike from Century TVS Wakadewadi show room and its not even been 2 years.

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