Wockhardt Hospitals doctor criticism


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Really foiled with the type of service wocardhardt hospital is giving to their patients. Yesterday i visited to the hospital for treatment to my mother WHO is stricken by severe left foot pain. we have a tendency to were urged to fulfill orthopedical dr. Sourabh shirguppe at 12:30pm. when meeting dr. Sourabh shirguppe he suggested for ct scan. virtually a pair of hrs taken for obtaining the ct scan report. at the moment once we reached the dr at 2:30pm for show the report however dr wasn’t there in his cabin. when enquiry we have a tendency to came to understand that dr was on lunch and he can return when 15min. we have a tendency to wait at the reception and when 1:00hr we have a tendency to asked to hospital workers to decision and find confirmation whether or not dr sourabh shirguppe can return or not and that i myself searched his range from google and tried a minimum of 10-12 times to decision him however he did not received workers decision nor mine. when 04:30pm finally doctor came and once we entered his cabin to point out reports. And in calm means i told him that we have a tendency to {are|ar|area unit|square Pine Tree Stateasure} waiting from last over a pair of hours and my mother has severe pain additionally however dr didn’t listen what we have a tendency to area unit telling he started shouting on me & my mother and he told North American country that he was anticipating North American country upto 03:00pm. after I told him to substantiate or cross check from there workers however he’s not able to ask his workers i additionally told him to ascertain the cctv footage additionally that from however long we have a tendency to area unit waiting however he did not listen North American country. Finally he told my mother that he won’t offer any treatment to her and asked North American country to travel. this can be however carefree, hopeless doctors area unit performing at wocardhardt hospital. they’re simply fidgeting with the emotions and emotions of people’s. attributable to such few dangerous doctor wocardhardt hospital is loosing his brand. Request to the management of wocardhardt to require serious action against dr. Sourabh shirguppe and take away it from the hospital.in my life i’ll ne’er attend wocardhardt hospital nor recommend anyone. 




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