Zookr delivered defunct iphone 6s in the name of brand new


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I had ordered apple iphone6s 64gb (Almost brand new, refurbished as said in the advertisement by zookr on their site) model using zookr website worth paying rs. 22999/-. The product supposes to get delivered on saturday by bluedart, however, it reached at my bangalore residence address on monday around 13:00 (Blue dart awb# [protected]).


The phone has a defective battery even though it is refurbished and almost brand new as mentioned by zookr on their selling platform. The phone is unable to run more than an hour after charging fully. Moreover, product delivery doesn’t include any payment receipt. There is no record of this transaction spending rs. 22999/- for the country. They removed the order details from my account on their site to hide the proof for this payment.


I already took actions to convey this to zookr customer care almost every day since i received the defunct phone. All the time i have received a very unprofessional response from the team.


I urge consumer forum to look into this fraud case as i trusted zookr based on their commitments on the online forum.

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