BMC, Mumbai — Fear of stray dogs


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My name is Prakash. Residing in building number 145 in Sector-7, CGS Colony, Mumbai – 400037.


I would like to bring your kind attention on the problem being faced by residents of building number 141 to 149 in Sector-7, CGS Colony, Mumbai – 400037 as a whole. Sir there are numerous street dogs in this vicinity. They have already bitten to three to four children (including my 6 year old son) in that area, while they are playing. They bark even on permanent residents of this area. I have seen and faced this situation where these dogs barks on us and come closer to bite, several person have faced the same problem especially small children & senior citizens. Especially at night these dogs just come running behind you in a group and are almost about to bite.


So this is my humble request to you to please pay attention on my letter and send Dog catcher team immediately in this area so that we can get rid of this problem soon.


Thanking you,


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