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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


The so called dr. Piyush mathur and his so called assistant ms. Sapana mathur, were the persons with whom i was dealing with. They advised me how to take tablet and said that tablet will be delivered within 24hours. During the conversation i told them it might be a fake company and i have seen lot of persons get cheated by similar type of activity. Dr. Piyush said that first of all a mathur will never cheat another mathur and later on he gave lot of govt agencies from where the drug is approved. On hearing all the conversations, i ordered him and the tabs got delivered in less than 8 hours. There were six bootles of tabs and on which 60 tabs were mentioned. After taking the delivery when i physically counted the tabs they were 45 instead of 60 and after counting all the bottles, in every bottle 15 were short. I immediately talked to them and messaged them and they said it will be delivered.

The course was for three months and started informing them every week that there is no reduction and no change. I also asked dr. That you have no taken any evidence of what my weight is and size of tummy before starting the course, then how you will know and also you are not discussing or asking any weekly report. No reply to this question. So after every 3 to 4 days i started giving them sms of no improvement and still non receipt of balance tabs, every time reply was it will reach you shortly. I also told them that you will have to make full refund once the period is over because i dont see any improvement.

Later on all the numbers i was having were out of order and there were no mode of contact. I also dropped mail but no response.

Its totally a fake and cheater company and the persons are a big fraud and cheater, in the society now this cheating company are flourishing because they dont have any fear of govt, they simply close the company and starts the other. Its high time now and they need to be punished and asked for heavy damages to be paid to the client so they stop all these frauds.


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