Pepperfry – Not giving refund to my bank account but as wallet money(coupon money)


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I am appalled by the customer service that I’ve received regarding cancellation of order at

Not sure who is managing the service desk, but your customer care executives are extremely un empathetic.

I had placed two duplicate orders for a purpose, but since I was not in Bangalore to receive the product as I have been in Delhi due to a family misfortune, I wanted to cancel both orders.

I was bluntly refused cancellation and was told that only the latest one can be cancelled.

I eventually agreed but requested for the refund to come back to my Citibank card (source), but I was sent an email today that it will be credited to my wallet!

First off, I’m facing a financial strain along with emotional stress, and on top of that, your team refuses to understand that I do not want coupon credit, but need the money back in my account.

There is no empathy at all!!!!

Yesterday, mr Amir spoke to me and said he will call me today. I unfortunately missed the call, and received an email to which I promptly called back at 1:40pm. I was told I can’t speak to him as he already tried calling me and I didn’t answer the phone! Are you punishing me for not receiving the call? It’s atrocious as to how the officer kept blaming and berating me. Very upset by the entire situation.

I want the amount refunded to my account. Let me know who the next level of escalation point is, as I cannot be forced to compromise on both fronts! I will keep one product, but the second needs to be refunded back to the source.

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