P. D. Hinduja Hospital Mahim — pathology test carried out at casualty


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Mr vishwanath d kulkarni was admitted in casualty section of p. D. Hinduja hospital, mahim on 26.02.2018. (Hh no. 1638131) he was treated by the doctors immediately. His blood sample was collected for performing the following test : culture bactec blood set plus aerobic anaerobic, magnesium, cbc, general body profile and antibacterial sensitivity tests. The amount for these test was rs 7770/-.

After blood collection the doctors refused to admit the patient due to unavailability of bed in icu. The relatives were asked to shift the patient to another hospital.

If there was no bed available the doctors should not have collected the patients blood for testing. The reports would be available in the evening or on the next day which was of use provided the patient was indoor.

If the patient was not to be admitted the blood tests should not have been performed. This shows that the doctors are only interested in profit of the hospital. The amount of rs 7770/- should be refunded by the hospital to the patient / relatives immediately as these tests are carried out unnecessarily.

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