Uber — refund for unfair waiting charges by uber


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On friday 23 feb, saturday i booked the cab using the Uber app .I was tracking through the app and the app was showing me that cab would reached me within 5 min but the scenario of time was same even after the 5 min left.When i called the driver he told me that he had stuck in some jam.Eventhough i did multiple called him as i was unable to track through the app .


Once cab reached at my destination the driver called me back that he had reached and without any delay i boarded the cab.


I was surprised when i saw the final amount which was showing the addition of Rs 49 as waiting charges.


I was waiting for the cab and suddenly i came to know that i have to pay for that waiting charges that seems very strange to me.


I couldn’t expect from the reputed company like Uber.I complained in the app but they refund me Rs 20 which is unfair.


I want my full amount back for waiting time charged in the bill i.e Rs 49.


Please look into the issue thoroughly and take necessary action on the same.


My Trip details as follows:

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