Paytm product came back inside seven days of receiving while not open carton however come back rejected with logic that product has been used


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I have purchased lg Ro from paytm on twenty first April and received it on twenty fifth April. I actually have contacted lg for installation however they replied as I actually have purchased it from paytm, I actually have to contact paytm, then I actually have contacted paytm for same and paytm aforementioned that I actually have purchased lg Ro then i ought to approach lg for my concern. Mean whereas I actually have contacted each for my question resolution however nothing happen. Then I actually have came back Ro on thirtieth April evening because of unhealthy service once sale from paytm and lg.

After one well my return/refund request rejected with logic that Ro has been put in and my question has been resolved. currently concern is that if no one contacted American state from lg likewise paytm for installation then however installation might be done. I actually have contacted numerous times with paytm client look after my concern however continuously they replied that as per vender Ro has been put in and my issue has been resolved. I actually have given them pic of sealed pack carton pic of Ro, pic of Ro put in at my home and spoken language msgs for his or her confirmation that lg Ro has not been put in at my home, it’s unbroken sealed pack at my home. however they’re not listening my words. I actually have additionally contacted shopper forum client support and lodge a criticism for same however on it purpose additionally, paytm replied that my issue has been resolved. however truly lg Ro carton did not get open then however it might be put in.

I have tried a great deal to win over paytm team with all supportings pics however they’re not listening my words and doing religion solely on their vender. currently i need justice, i need my a reimbursement with compensation as they need did alot of American statental harrasment and cheated me, i’m requesting them for come back and refund of cash giving all actual supportings however they did not care of it and serving to their vender. i’m attaching some screenshots of my followups with paytm with their revert, sealed pack Ro at my home and pic of Ro put in at my home.


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